September 21, 2021


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“We have a great vision of raising the bar on client satisfaction! Our goal is to help as many people as possible reach financial freedom with smart real estate investing and education.” – Founder of TCG

We are in service to distressed property owners, tired landlords, probate cases, for sale by owners, and investors. We have expert staff with the knowledge to map out a tailored strategy to get you from where you are now to where you want to be in the most efficient time possible.

Ready to buy an asset?
If you are an investor send an email to email@thecommissiongroup.com and write INVESTOR in the subject bar. In the body of the email give a brief bio and buying criteria. As an investing company we come across a lot of deals and many of them we have to pass on to other investors for various reasons. So if you are also in the buying mode, send an email and we will find the right deal for you. In the meantime enjoy our public inventory list below.


Asking Prices Are Negotiable

Make an offer, just do it!

Westheimer rd , Abilene Texas 79601
  • 3B/2Ba 1,374 sqft, Built 1983
  • ARV EST. $163,000
  • Condo facing Abilene Christian Univerisity
  • Resident Pool
  • Perfect for roomate/ upto 3 tenants
Tarryall Dr, Dallas Texas 75224
  • 2B/2Ba 1,214 sqft, Built 1984
  • 3B/2BA 1,714 SQFT, BUILT 1956
  • ARV EST. $320,000
  • Built-in Pool
Wadlington Ave, Dallas, TX 75217
  • 3B/1Ba 840 sqft, Built 1954
  • Rental Property – Cashflow asset
  • ARV est. $155,000
Hermosa Dr, Dallas, TX 75218
  • 3B/2Ba 1,228 sqft, built 1950
  • ARV est. 350,050

Asking Prices Are Negotiable

Make an offer, just do it!

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